Hey y’all, it’s that day of the week again! No it’s not hump day, it’s Boobday! As always, a big shout out and thank you to Miss Hyacinth Jones, the host and creative genius behind Boobday.



I snapped this picture earlier this week, bored while typing away about addiction or wedding venues or something. I pushed back from my desk, and was staring out the window, giving my eyes a little bit of rest, when I happened to glance down and see my boobs.

They were sitting there all perky–a word that hasn’t been associated with my breasts since high school–and pretty, and I couldn’t help but notice the natural sunlight sneaking through the window and soaking into my skin. Always one to not let an opportunity pass, I snapped a quick picture and sent it away to M.

pov pic of boobs

If you haven’t been there already, head on over to Hy’s place and see who’s playing this week.

Happy Boobday!! *hugsandkisses*