Whew! I sure am happy it’s Friday. I don’t know about all you folks, but it seemed like a really long week here in the McConnell household, and I’m looking forward to my Friday night and to checking out all the lovely ladies who are participating in Boobday.

I’ve talked about my issues with my boobs since I’ve started becoming more fit, and trying to take a picture I was happy with for Boobday was no different. From the bathroom in a bra to topless in our bedroom, I just couldn’t get one that looked good.

And then M came upstairs.

“Boobday?” He asked.

I nodded in response, “I hate my tits.”

He bent down, pulling one hard nipple into his mouth. His tongue flicked across the tip, drawing circles around it.

When he pulled his lips back, my nipple glistened in the light.

“I like your tits.”


Looks like this is the second week in a row I’m thanking my Sir for my Boobday picture.

Mwah! Thank you, Daddy. I’ll make it up to you later…

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