Welcome to my contribution to this week’s Sinful Sunday.

April’s theme was favorite, and this picture includes so many of my favorite things.

First and foremost, Him. M. My Sir. Daddy. Lover. Partner. Husband. Friend.

I love that His wedding ring is visible.

Then there’s the rope. My ankles tied together. The tension working its way up my leg. Yeah. That’s definitely one of my favorite things.

And the way it makes me feel. Submissive. The way the heat grows from my stomach, through my chest, into my heart and head, knowing that I’m His. Knowing He’s mine. It does things to me.

And there’s the thigh highs. The wine.

There’s the ring I wear on my right hand, a gift from my mother, that tells me to “Love Life” and “Be Brave.”

There’s Us. And the things that We do together and what they mean and how they make me feel and the intensity that We are Together.

There’s how He takes care of me. In good times. And bad. And how I feel protected and safe when He’s near.

The rough feel of His hands on my flesh. The way They send shivers through my spine.

I see these things in this image. I don’t know if you do. But that’s what it means to me.

My favorite things.

sinful sunday

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sinful sunday