For years I wasn’t a fan of 69ing. The position exposed more of me than I was comfortable showing and at that point in time, I couldn’t imagine the close up of an ass to be attractive, especially my ass. It made me apprehensive, this discomfort, and therefore jittery and awkward, feeling weird in my own skin.

Don’t get me wrong, there were times I’d enjoyed it, times I’d get past my own head, just feel and be and do. But then another problem arose. It seemed I was easily distracted and 69 was the epitome of my distraction.

How in the hell was I supposed to concentrate on sucking cock when M had my clit in his mouth, sucking and lapping at it? I couldn’t, so I’d do the only thing I could do. Cum.

I’d find myself on all fours, M’s cock in my hand, maybe a slight up and down motion (but very likely not), panting and cumming, arched against his mouth. And I’m not complaining. Truly I’m not. But the problem is once I start cumming, sometimes I can’t stop. I cum and cum and I get so sensitive that even the slightest movement or bit of pressure and I’m set off again. And the whole time I’m cumming, M’s cock is no where near my mouth.

Sometimes I want to give. And give good. And the fact is I can’t give good when I’m getting so damn good.

But M, he’s a big fan of 69, so it’s held its presence in our bedroom and no matter how much I protested, it lingered, always there, always calling.

Eventually, things fell into place and we developed a rhythm. I no longer worry about my ass in his face or if my mouth is wrapped around him cock at any given moment. I learned to shut off my brain, relax and enjoy.

Now I love it as much as M. And sometimes I think I may enjoy it even more. It creates these fantastic fucking feelings, feelings so good they can’t be recreated. Pleasure so intense, I struggle to put it into words.

Last Friday, we’d been playing for an hour or so. I’m on my knees, sideways in bed, sucking his cock. He’s as deep as I can take him and I’m gagging every second or third thrust, spit dripping out of my mouth when I pull off for air. I’ve cum dozens of times, completely over-stimulated with M’s left hand moving between my pussy and ass, his right wrapped in my hair, controlling my movement, pushing deeper into my mouth.

I’m lost in his cock and not prepared when he pulls me, lifting me over him, a leg settling on each side of his head. His tongue darts out, flicks across my clit. My mouth slips from his cock, replaced by my hand, jacking him up and down, up and down, and I cum so hard I soak the sheets beneath his head.

Soon I’m flat against him, stomach to stomach, his cock down my throat as he pulls my clit into his mouth, sucking with just the right amount of pressure to make me lose it.

And within moments, I’m gone. The motions between us ebb and flow, crashing and retreating. I cum for seconds, minutes, what seems like hours and days. It doesn’t stop, but peaks and holds, then goes higher and higher again.

His cock is so deep in my mouth, I barely breathe, and perhaps it is the lack of oxygen that makes me see stars. Makes me forget my name, forget everything but Him and his cock and his tongue. His control and his love.


It’s the only word that comes close to describing the feeling.

I can’t guess how long we stayed like this, his cock impaled in my mouth, my cunt grinding on his tongue and lips and teeth. When I’m there, lost, floating, time doesn’t exist. It could have been moments or it could have been eternity. I wouldn’t have known the difference.

When we finally broke and he rolled me onto my back before burying himself inside me, tears of pleasure-filled euphoria spilled from my eyes.

63 responses to “Exquisite

  1. Ying and Yang… We just fit together like “69”…. Great Post!!


  2. You certainly make it sound amazing.

  3. Oh my! So hot! I love your writing girl, wow. I have a lot to catch up on but I’m looking forward to it!

    One thing. It sounds like maybe he needs to climb over you, be on top, and make sure you can’t pull away while you cum, just a thought.


    • Thanks G!
      And we’ve tried him on top, and sometimes we still end up that way, but too often, it just doesn’t work out. I gag very easy on the bottom, and it sucks if I have to push him off me to puke!
      *hugs and kisses* beautiful!

  4. Yes miss- so hot and so damn deliciously erotic… When Mynx loses herself on me, time does cease to exist, and cum and noises and the smell of sex fill the air- amp-ing up our Dom/sub space time continuum… Oh so damn amazing- thank you for posting! 🙂

    -Mynx’s Sir (Tom Wolf)

  5. And yes, the end is EXACTLY why I like 69.

    SSir and I once had an unintentional challenge with one another – we sucked and licked and tortured each other to see who would let go first and enjoy the pleasure for a moment – I won the first round, but I’m pretty sure I never won again.

  6. So well written and honest! Thanks.
    Yes, before my marriage now, I used to have to stay away from 69 some for the concentration issues you mention. Now, RCG in the daytime is my favorite w/ my lady. Do you women who are self conscious at times about your own ass have ANY idea how a maybe not perfect ass is and becomes ABSOLUTELY perfect when bent over? Big, small, fallen, old, young: bent over they are all firm and deliciously mountable. Honest. And even more beautifully so with your man’s cock there, no? And his thumb on your asshole RCG, stimulating. And his eyes worshiping you, worshiping his cock in you; your union. Damn. My Large Concept is overwhelmed by this image!
    Thanks for the inspiration and personal erotica. True.

  7. I am still not a fan of 69 for the fact that I can’t concentrate on both feeling and giving pleasure. But I will still partake whenever my husband wants me to, and I don’t dislike it.

    • The secret for me was learning to stroke his cock without thinking. That way, when my mouth’s not on him, my hands can move on their own accord, without my concentration. *hugs and kisses*

  8. I’m with cammie – I don’t dislike it. I’m usually the one on the bottom (not sure why, except that it gives Him the control to gag me, I suppose) and the bottom is an interesting place to be, for sure.

    I can’t concentrate either. On the rare occasion that I can, I can drive Him to distraction though. 😀 Payback’s a delicious bitch sometimes.

    • I didn’t mention it above, but I’m a fan of side to side too. It doesn’t make me feel so exposed, and I don’t have to take all of his cock at once, as it is a sure way to make me puke (it’s happened more than once). And yes, payback can be a bitch!! *hugs and kisses*

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