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The other day I was back reading one of my favorite blogs, and I stumbled upon a quiz, Do You Have an Inclination for BDSM?  And of course I had to take it.  And the results didn’t fly with me.  So I took it again, just now.  And I still don’t know.  And I’m not holding these quizzes to actually mean shit, they just gave me an easy platform to talk about sex, as my creative juices don’t seem to be flowing.  But the over-thinker in me can’t help but wonder what I answered that lead to these conclusions.

Anyway, here we go.  These are the categories, the first number is my score from a few days ago, the second is tonight’s…

Exhibitionist/Voyeur            86/82

I’ve never considered myself an exhibitionist or a voyeur.  Never.  If you’d asked me this morning, I would have responded along the lines of “Fuck no!”  But then I thought about it.  And I definitely have a steak of this in me.  I like sex in semi-public places:  in the car, outside, in a deserted room at a party.  And, although I may not actually recognize it as such in the moment, I love the idea of getting seen, getting caught.  I remember last summer, M and I were sleeping in a tent in the backyard.  And every time a car would drive by, I wondered if they could see our shadows, with M pounding in me.  So…  Exhibitionist.  Fuck ya!

And voyeur, I should fucking know better.  My last piece of fiction was fucking called “Watching.”  Why the fuck would I try to think I wasn’t into watching others.  I assume it’s the same for the rest of you, but if it’s coming out of my brain, through my hands, and onto the screen, it’s always going to be part of me.

Experimental                             86/89

I can completely get this one.  And it’s not just in the bedroom.  I like to try new things.  All the time.  I’m up for anything once (well, there was this one time, at my bachelorette party, at like 4 in the morning, and we are all standing around a campfire…  anyway, everyone was chugging beer out of this old disgusting shoe.  I wouldn’t do.  Even I have some standards!).  I guess I should say that I’m up for ALMOST anything…  Old gross shoes, nope.  That one’s a deal breaker.  But you want to do something I’m not interested in, sure, why not?  Maybe I’ll find something I really enjoy.  And if it’s something that scares me a little, makes my heart race, even better.

Switch                                           68/61

I really don’t see this one, but maybe just a little.  Although I don’t think about it, and I definitely don’t fantasize about it, I think, given the right circumstance (and the right girl, cause I think it would have to be a girl), I could absolutely get off on being a bit of a domme.  Not

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mean.  Just a little rough.  With a lot of spoiling…

Submissive                                 68/71

In my head, this would be on the top (ha!).  I believe it is.  Just about all my fantasies involve some sort of D/s.  And a lot of my sex does too, even if it’s mild, regular, everyday sex.  But I classify S&M into that too.  Spanking, hair pulling, etc.  I don’t know.  I like to bottom.  Period end.  Whatever you want to call it.

Bondage                                      61/68

It doesn’t surprise me that this score went up.  During our sex texts this morning, M and I got into a brief discussion of restraints.  Hence, most of the day, my mind kept wondering back to being tied to the bed…  But I like to be held down more than tied (generally speaking), but that’s because that’s in my comfort zone.  Maybe I need to be pushed.

Degradation Lover                 61/50

I can’t believe this one is so high.  I don’t think I like degradation at all, at least not by my definition.  I don’t like to be put down.  I’ve got some major issues with it.  But I do like dirty talk.  And I like dirty names in the middle of hot, raunchy sex.  Especially when it’s whispered in my ear, like a naughty little secret.  And I suppose that if someone I worked with called me a slut or a cunt, I’d freak the fuck out, but in the bedroom, it’s different.  I don’t find it degrading.  I find it hot.  Maybe I find it hot because it’s degrading.  I don’t fucking know.

Masochist                                   54/68

Pain…  Pain and sex, they have an enmeshed relationship in my world.  If you’ve read even a handful of my posts, you’ve probably heard me mention spanking.  Because I love being spanked. And I like rough sex, sex where I’m sore the next day.  But in the moment, I don’t really feel the pain, at least not the same way I do when walking through the house and M takes a good swing at my ass.  Because that fucking hurts!  But with leather in his hand, fuck, it’s a whole different sensation.  So do I like pain.  I like pain when I’m fucking.  Do I get off on it?  Yep.  Not because it hurts, but because it feels so damn good.

Sadist                                           32/50

Didn’t think this would be so high.  Again, I like to bottom.  I don’t think of inflicting pain.  Actually, as much as I enjoy it coming to me, the idea of being on the using end of a paddle or flogger does absolutely nothing for me.  Nada.  Cold fish type of nothing.

Dominant                                     14/14

I don’t I have the patience to top, or the creativity.  Or self-control.  That’s the big one really.  Not a whole lot of self-control.  Not a good trait for a dom.

Vanilla                                        11/4

And this makes me happy.  Just a bit of vanilla.  Probably the truest one of all!

So, if you made it through to the bottom, thank you, dear reader, for reading my randomness on this.  And sorry for the lack of excitement.  It will be back.

13 responses to “Experimental Submissive Exhibitionist

  1. It’s always good to realise you’re a bit of everything, good to see a different viewpoint 🙂

  2. Hey You! I’ve been toying around with these kind of questions a lot lately. I think I will take the quiz. I don’t believe them always but sometimes they can be good indicators.


  3. Gillian Colbert

    I didn’t really get behind the results of the quiz. I think anything like this is definitely lends itself more to stereotyping. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about BDSM, it’s that the combinations are infinite.

    They are fun to take though … just to see

  4. Welcome to the tribe! *evil chuckle*

  5. Randomness is good.
    So on your scale which is very interesting I am definitely a voyeur and exhibitionist. I even like the idea of dirty dogging. I plan to take scmuck to a sex club so we can be a floor show too. Yum. Switch I am – that’s how I describe myself. I like to be domme with girls and boys – tomorrow I blindfold the boy and he had to say please before I even contemplate pleasuring him. Degradation love that too – call me a slut or a whore or a cunt and it just makes me wet which in turn means I can be sub too. Tell me what you want bend me over and fuck me hard – yes please. Sadist – no – not at all. Vanilla – no not at all either. Now I can’t wait to fuck of course…..all afternoon tomorrow with – him. I’ll keep these measures in mind …..F xxx

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