Erotica: Forbidden – Part II

I’d say I’m sorry for all the girl-girl sex here on the blog lately, but really, I’m not. It seems it’s what’s always on my mind these days.

This is one of my latest WIP, so please excuse the rough edges.

I’m thinking this story is turning into the prelude of Watching, and perhaps the story may become something more.

You can find the first half of this story here.


When her lips left mine, Eve took my hand and led me to the bed. Before I had time to second guess what we were doing, her lips found my cheek and then my ear.

My hands were on her, moving fabric over flesh as I caressed her curves and touched her wherever I could.

I moved to take her mouth with mine and my fingers dug into her hips, pulling her against me.

Eve stepped back, and with her hands on my shoulders, pushed me to the bed as she sank to her knees in from of me, hands following eyes down my body, over my ribs, waist, hips and thighs until they turned at my knees and trailed up my inner thighs.

When her warm breath fell onto my skin, then flowed over my lips and clit, my eyes closed and my head fell back to the bed.

When her lips closed on to my clit, my breath caught in my throat and she placed a chaste kiss on the most intimate part of me. I reached towards her, my fingers fanning into her hair as her lips subsided, replaced by her tongue, flicking and licking across me.

My body started its peak and my hands tightened in her hair as she pulled my bud into her mouth and began sucking, slowly and rhythmically.

Within moments, I’m panting, my hips  thrusting into her mouth, increasing in speed with her sucking until I’m holding her against me, pulling her tighter against my pussy. As my orgasm peaked, I arched off the bed and Eve slipped two fingers between my now spasming lips and rubbed them hard against my g-spot.

For a brief moment, it’s too much, too intense and my hand leaves her head to interrupt her but she gripped it with her free hand and held it in place, never stopping her sucking or her fingers.

I need her to stop, it’s too much. My breathing’s out of control and my mind is spinning, pleasure so intense it hurts. I try to sit up and pull back, but Eve, still gripping onto my wrist, dropped our conjoined hands to my stomach, pinning me in place.

Out of control, my body withered and tears started forming in my eyes. Suddenly, her fingers became more forceful, her sucking harder. The moment her teeth scrapped across the exposed tip of my clit, my body let go and I exploded into her mouth and onto her hands.

The waves flow through my body and crest, then crest again, and I  feel the fluid splashing against her hands and face. But she doesn’t stop, doesn’t release me from the pleasurable torture of her lips.

I find myself lying listless on her bed, my breathing finally slowing and I can feel Eve’s mouth on my thighs, gentle kisses and warm breathes as her fingers move slowly in and out of my pussy and I realized she’s whispering “Shh…” against my skin.

It wasn’t until then that I realized I was crying, silent tears streaming down my cheeks, but my body was too tired, too satiated to wipe them away.

As Eve’s fingers continue to move, she kissed her way from my thighs up and over my mound, her teeth grazing across my hip bones, my nipples. When her lips touched the sensitive spot between my breasts, my hand moved to pull her mouth to mine.

As our lips touched, Eve finished her climb up my body, her fingers still moving, now with more force as her lips and tongue meshed with my own.

My hands ran down her back and I grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it up and over her head. My shirt, pooled at my neck, was next. Eve fell onto me, our flesh hot against one another, her fingers deep in my pussy, curved so that my body was moving with her, wanting more.

She dropped to her elbow, her hand wrapped in my hair, and started fucking me, her whole body between my legs, her hips forcing her fingers deeper, her palm pressed hard against my clit.

Her mouth was all over, on my lips, my neck, my shoulders. She overwhelmed me, and I was lost in her, in the things she was doing to me, the pleasure that was rolling over me.

Her lips were on my ear, voice soft and sweet. “You are so fucking beautiful,” she whispered.

Those words pushed me off the ledge I’d been balancing on and waves of upon waves of glorious pleasure washed over my mind and body. She didn’t relent and pushed me further, and further still, until I was nothing but a quaking mess beneath her.

Eventually, her pace slowed, and I floated caught in the moment of exquisiteness, my body a bundle of electric nerves, twitching as she placed kisses along my cheeks, moving towards my mouth.

When her lips met mine, joy and love washed through me, and my tongue moved to met hers in an intimate embrace.

Eve moved off my body, curling hers around me, and we lay there, naked in one another’s arms, basking in what was created between us. Our hands moved lazily across skin, touching and exploring, in no rush for our love making to end.

But as Eve moved to pull me closer, we both froze at the sound of the door opening.

“Eve, I wanted to let you know…” Sir’s voice trailed off when he saw on the bed. He was still a moment, and I watched as the look of shock on his face hardened into anger.

“Caitlyn, to your room,” he demanded, and I could hear the struggle to keep his voice restrained. “Eve, get the belt.”

To be continued…

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