“Do you feel it? The chemistry between us?” she whispered in my ear, the heat from her mouth tickling my skin.

I nodded, my throat too dry to speak.

Her fingers played at the bottom of my back, barely touching, almost as though afraid to venture into unknown territory, fearful they would be told no.

She leaned in. Her lips so close to my cheek, it took all my will power not to lean into her, to feel them pressed against my flesh.

“You know he’ll be angry.”

This stopped me. Lost in this unexpected moment, I wasn’t thinking. “I should probably go.”

I tried to step away, but she stayed me, her hand on my chest.

“Wait,” she said. “Please don’t run away.” Her toyed with the fabric of my shirt, moving it between her fingers.

“Eve.” I looked at her in the dim light, pleading for her to let me go. “You know we shouldn’t.”

Her eyes moved across my face, settling on my lips before meeting my eyes. “Just one kiss.”

The hand on my back dipped down, resting on the curve of my ass. “Just one.”

I reached up to her hand on my chest and linked my fingers through hers. Being this close to her, feeling her skin against mine, the heat from her body warming me, all of it was overwhelming.

I drew our joined hands to my lips, kissing her knuckle, the palm of her hand. When I got to the tip of her finger, my tongue reached out, flicking across it before I pulled it into my mouth.

Her breath caught, and I sucked harder for a moment, before releasing it. My gaze lifted to hers and I saw arousal in her eyes.

Bending towards hers, my lips brushed against hers, barely grazing across their softness.

Just one kiss.

But it was enough. The heat between us was there, and the touch of lips was enough to ignite flames.

Her hand moved from my chest to my cheek, cradling me as she kissed me again, deeper this time, our tongues intertwining as I turned to her, pulling her body close to mine.

Our bodies naturally synced, moving together, pressing and touching any where we could.

When my fingers found her nipple, Eve’s lips dropped from my mouth and worked their way across to my ear, before making their way down my neck. With one step, my back was against the wall and she pressed against me.

Her mouth traveled down my body, across my collar-bone and down to my breast, drawing my nipple, shirt and all, into its warmth.

My hands buried in her hair as I arched into her mouth, pushing her against me, wanting to feel as much of her body as I could.

I slid my knee between her legs as I pulled her mouth back to mine, tongues darting out in exploration. Both hands slid up and under her shirt, her skin warm as I cupped her breasts. When my fingers reached her nipples, already tight with excitement, her teeth bit down on my lip, tugging it for a moment before sucking it back in her mouth.

Her nipples between my fingers, I gently pushed her down onto my thigh, and a moan escaped her lips as her pussy made contact with my leg. Her lips left mine as she rocked back, then forward, grinding herself against me.

Pulling on her nipples, I watched as her head fell back, her slender form moving on its own accord, seeking release from the building pressure. As her rhythm escalated, I tugged harder, pulling her body towards me. Dropping one hand around her back, I pushed her down onto my leg harder, my teeth scrapping across her neck.

Her hand threaded through my hair, holding me in place when I felt the first waves of orgasms  pass through her body. Her thrusts were hard and deliberate, drawn out to make the pleasure last.

She shuddered as her body slowed, and untangled her hand from my hair, laying lazy kisses in its place.

As I lifted my head to meet her for a kiss, Eve wrapped both arms around me, and pressing her chest to mine, met me mouth open, ready for more.

To be continued… Forbidden Part 2