6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

When your sex life is in the slumps, it sometimes feels like it’s easier to just let it go rather than try to fix it. After all, maybe you’re getting a little older. Maybe you still have babies in your bed. Maybe you’re out of shape. Maybe it’s just easier to throw in the towel.

Yeah. Well, fuck that.

Sure sometimes it’s easier to go with the flow instead of fight against the current, but that doesn’t really get you anywhere but further downstream. And when it comes to your sex life, letting things go just makes the situation worse. Partners start to feel rejected. Things get out of practice. You lose out on health benefits. And you begin to make sex something bigger than it is, adding unneeded stress and anxiety to your life.

So what do you do it about it? You come right here, read this, and then go get it on.

Because I’m about to give you six easy ways to improve your sex life that you can do right now.


If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram (or even if you do!), you may not know I love yoga. Love it. I’m an everyone-should-yoga-every-damn-day-because-yoga-fixes-everything type of girl. That’s because yoga has changed my life. It’s improved my fitness. My mind. My  mental health. And even my sex life. Yes, yoga can improve your sex life! And not just because you’ll be more flexible–although that doesn’t hurt–but because yoga postures strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, make you more comfortable in your skin, more aware of sensations, and increase your energy. Engaging Mula Bandha (yoga-ish for the root of the spine, pelvic floor, and perineum area) increases your awareness of this area and increases circulation, building arousal.


Listen. If you want to have more sex and you have a partner, talk to them about it. Seriously. Now, don’t come at them like, “You don’t want to have sex with me” or “Caitlyn says we should fuck more” (I don’t need angry spouses coming at me!!). Instead, sit down and talk about what you’re missing. Talk about the closeness. The intimacy. The fun you used to have. Talk about wanting to share in that pleasure again. If you want to have a healthy sex life, you need to have healthy communication, and talking about is necessary.


Too often in our busy lives, we let kissing go. Hell, there are many times M and I fuck and never kiss before, during, or after. But if you’re not getting it on, you need to start kissing. Every day. Kissing builds your arousal, gets you thinking sex, and sometimes, just swapping a little spit is enough to get you between the sheets. Strive for at 30 seconds of kissing three times a day. It will make a difference. I promise.

Read Erotica

If your mind just doesn’t there any more, make it! Grab some erotica and read it while you’re waiting at the doctor. Read it before bed. Hell, read it when you’re in the bathroom. I don’t really care when you read it, just do it. And if carrying around a battered copy of 50 Shades is just too risqué for you, then find some free erotica online and read it right from your phone. Folks will think you’re playing Candy Crush and leave you alone.


I feel like I preach about masturbation alot, but come on folks, you’ve got to start touching yourself. Masturbation is a vital part to any person’s sexuality and it’s the only true way to know what brings you pleasure. So if you’re not masturbating on the regular, start, even if you don’t want to. Even if it feels like a pain. Believe me, within a few days, you’ll notice the difference.

Do It

I can’t stress this enough. If you want to have more sex, do it! Now! Even if you don’t want to. Even if you’re not horny. Even if you need KY to get things moving, do it. Nothing improves your sex life like having sex. And the more sex you have the more sex you’ll want. It’s simple brain chemistry, not rocket science folks.

What about you, dear reader? Do you have any secrets for improving your sex life? Tell me in the comments!


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