Christ, I’ve Missed You!

Hello all! It’s been a freaking busy ass week, and a very tiring day, but more on that later. First, I need to simply say that I’m missing you all. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I sat down and read a full blog post, especially one that was more than 350 words. I try to keep up a bit: read titles that come up, glance at the brief paragraph that comes through in email, but as far as really knowing what’s up, I’m out of the loop!  *shrugs* Ah, well… Soon, my friends, I will be around, and know secrets that people in “real life” don’t.

But until then, I’m humbled to announce 3, yes 3, new additions to my trophy shelf.  **Okay, okay, I know it’s a fucking cop-out, but it is what it is, so suck it up and read on, or shut it down and come back when I post again** And I must say, I’m rather thrilled by this, as it motivates me a bit to try and get back to the blog, for many reasons, one of which is because there are still people out there who have, as a dear friend puts it, “watched the train wreck” that has been my life, and who still stick around to read the sexy stuff.  That being said, it’s on with the show…

The META Awesomest BlogFirst, because it’s such a pretty picture is The Meta Awesomest Blog Unicorn, which I received from Scot, who happens to be The Dom Next Door.  Now, I’m not sure what I can say about Scot, that hasn’t been said before.  If you don’t follow TDND, and you are into kink, you’re missing out.  Scot has found himself serving as a Dom, to his doll, Leigh.  And the great thing about this, is based on his post history, is that Scot has been on the receiving end of a D/s sexual relationship before, so he knows what he’s talking about and knows what it takes to be a good sub, and that is a fantastic quality to have in Dom, perhaps because it makes them more caring, more generous, more knowledgable about the issues that arise in a sub’s mind.  idk.  I could be way off, but that’s one of my favorite things about Scot…  That and his fantastic erotic writing style, I couldn’t forget that!

The next award that was recently given to me is The Beautiful Blogger Award,  from non other than HH and Lo, who host My Sex Life With Lola.  HH and Lo, are indeed, not only beautiful bloggers, but a beautiful couple as well, with an interesting dynamic.  And, fuck, Lo might be one of the only people out there that I know that is kinkier than me, always!  😉  And that, my dear readers, is only one of the reasons I love them both so much!  They are both eager to share sexy, kinky stories of their adventures, and do so with class and dignity (I literally laughed out loud when I wrote that, not because it’s not true, but I’m particularly thinking of a few posts focusing on golden showers, and how I’m classifying them with class and dignity!  But I must say, it is partly due to those posts that caused me to be so eager when I had my first golden shower…)

And the last, but not the last award, that I have recently received is The Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Work Spouse Story, who is a lovely woman who is relatively new to our little community.  She is working on making her marriage a little spicier at home, while she has her work husband to think about during her day job (I’ve had a work husband, in a completely non-sexual way, and although I still care for him dearly, as he was and is a dear friend, it does add just one more relationship to keep track of!).  Thank you dear India, for the nomination of this award.  Mwah!

Now, you all know how this game is played.  Each and every one of these awards have their own rules, which were all very much the same.  Give credit where credit is due (check), tell 10 things about yourself, and pass it on…  Well, fuck, I don’t think I know 30 things about myself that I haven’t already shared, but here are a few…

  • Yesterday, M and I got the last thing out of our storage unit.  Every last thing.  Now, our house is filled with shit, everywhere, boxes and bags and you can’t walk from one room to the next without tripping over everything, but regardless, everything we own is now home… (I had a picture, somewhere, of our storage unit, filled to the ceiling, but can’t seem to find it anywhere, and being that I took the day off to work on the house, not blog, I’ve got to be done looking!).
  • I recently told a friend, when explaining what a sledge-hammer was (damn city folk), how much I love hitting an old tractor tire with an 8 pound sledge.  The 6 pound swings too easily, and the 10 pound will make my shoulders hurt well before I get all my aggression out.
  • Starting September 4th, I’m joining the second “Biggest Losers Club” at my office.  I almost won the last one, and although I don’t have too much more weight to lose, I need to kick the IT guy’s ass this time, as last time he beat me by less than 1%.
  • The week that our house was robbed, I was in two different minor car accidents.
  • Being choked has become one of my new favorite things…
  • No matter how many bananas I buy, they will not seem to stay in my house for more than a day.
  • I’m an airhead… Yesterday, M and I were getting ready to go borrow my dad’s horse trailer, as there was not a damn U-Haul to be found, and I left my phone on the hood on M’s van.  As we are driving down the road, it flies off, and shortly thereafter, I realize it was my phone.  Damn.  Well, we went back, and found the back cover on the road, the actual phone in the grass, and the battery not too far away.  And the best thing, the mother-fucker still works!
  • I’ve started working on a new online magazine, which seems to be taking up a lot of my blogging time!  (There will be more shameless plugs for this in the upcoming weeks, I’m sure).
  • I love Softsoaps Coconut Scrub.  If you’ve never tried this, you should.  Not only does it smell great, but it’s a fantastic exfoliater!
  • I’m sending my girls to private school this year, and can I just say that I love uniforms.  Talk about making my morning simpler, as there is no fighting about what to wear in the mornings, you can either pick white, blue, or green polos, and that’s it.
  • I haven’t had a good, long spanking, in almost a month! (*wink wink* M).

    My favorite pic!

  • And to wrap this up, as I was looking for the picture of our storage unit, I stumbled upon this pic, which is I think my all time favorite pic of myself.  Now, this is kind of blurry, but I still love it, not only is my ass nice and pink, but I love that M’s cock is visible, although this picture doesn’t do him justice.  This was taken the first time we were away from my dad’s house, after our “dynamic” had begun…

Okay y’all.  I’d pass these awards on, but there are too many of you that I love, and I’ve got to get the baby to the sitters soon, if I want to get anything accomplished today.  So, therefore, you are all nominated for these awards, as without any of you, I’d just be ranting into the wind…  *hugs and kisses* ~LSAM.

20 responses to “Christ, I’ve Missed You!

  1. Thank you so much for the high praise! We’re glad to have inspired you to try the golden shower!!! Lovely, lovely pic. You should post more of the same! You deserve all the awards. We’re so proud of you for all you’ve accomplished in the past three months. Keep it up. You are wonderful!

  2. Nice and pink? I believe that ass is cherry berry red! I can feel the heat radiating from here. I do hope you get your spanking soon, it seems well over due. I can’t believe your phone still works. What type of phone is it? Apparently it is the type I need. Congrats on your awards. I’ve missed you too! Bring on the writing

    • I like that, “cherry berry red.” And, yes, the spanking did come (cum?), due to this post… *smile*

      And my phone’s an LG, straight talk. Still can’t believe it works!

      *hugs and kisses*

  3. I’d have to agree with Suqui, that is more of a cherry red, I can feel the heat myself.
    Congrats on the blogger awards.

  4. You do look nice in pink. And the pov in that picture… Jeeze, it’s like I’m right there.

  5. You are making me blush as pink as….well, not that pink but I’m still blushing. Thank you for the kind words. You are most deserving of a muscular unicorn in pink leather with a purple mohawk.

  6. Welcome back and such a great pic… I hope you get your spanking soon.

  7. 40ouncestofreedom

    Bout time! Just sayin *grins*

    M – you look highly lickable as always! *hehe*

  8. That is a PHENOMENAL pic, LSAM! And we’ve missed you! Holy shit, how I’ve missed you!! Come back more! 🙂 xx Hy

  9. Hi

    One night while we were having sex my wife looked up at me and said ” I’ve missed you so much”. I still haven’t completely recovered.


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