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Shit. Fuck. Damn.

Yesterday morning, I rolled over and looked at my bedside clock.  6:30.  I stretched, arms reaching up above my head.  I felt good.  I sleepy smile crosses my face.  I love Sunday Mornings.


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I roll over and see M sleeping peacefully beside me.  He’s naked.  Mmmm.  I snuggle up to him.  And as I run my legs against his I can feel my smooth stockings along his skin and I’m like, “Shit.  Not again…” Continue Reading

Sex Survey

So I found this sex survey on, that polled married women.  I don’t know how I feel about it, as my guess is this is not an accurate sample of married women.  It doesn’t say who the Continue Reading

Men and Fantasies

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On the comment string on a recent post, Lily from The Black Leather Belt and I had a brief conversation about men and their fantasies.  I was concerned that M has never really shared fantasies with me.  Even if I’ve flat-out asked, “What are your fantasies?”  He’ll give me blah answers, which have been as lame as, “This,” meaning whatever it is that we were doing at that moment.  Once, he mention a threesome, but could not describe any details to me.  Lily had two thoughts on this… Continue Reading

Thinking About Sex

I ran a little experiment today. I carried around note cards in my pocket, and between 7 am and

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5 pm, I kept track of every time I thought about sex.  Well, almost every time.  I think  the note cards made me think about it a little more than normal (like I really need that!), so I eliminated the thoughts about the note cards.  And the thoughts about the thoughts on the note card.  For the validity of research.  And I must say, I was somewhat surprised by the results.  There is a lot more sex in my head that I thought…  And that’s saying something! Continue Reading

Is It Turning Her On Or Chasing Her Away?

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Hello dear readers.  Just a quick link today.  I’ve got company.  I love and this article is awesome.  It’s interesting, the things we do and the impact they have without us even knowing.  This is a prime example:  6 things men do to get laid that science says turns women off. Continue Reading

Date Night

Date Night in DC

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The last few posts have been kind of raunchy, so tonight I’m going a different direction and talking about date night.  It’s an important aspect to any LTR, and keeps us in touch with one another.  M and I don’t do it as often as we should (I’m recommending at least once a month), but when we do, it’s always a blast.  So, call a babysitter, pull out your little black dress, and head out on the town… or to your favorite picnic spot… or to your favorite hotel. Continue Reading