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My Kinks Are…

Four years on this blog. Hundreds of posts. Thousands of comments.

And not once have I listed my kinks.

Which is no big deal really, but given how much I like to talk about sex and kinky things, I thought it odd. So to remedy the situation, here it is, a post all about my kinks. Continue Reading

Playing Dress Up

I’m a full-time writer.

That means I have a strict dress code which consists primarily of leggings and comfy clothes. Come to my house any winter day, and you’ll find me in slippers, yoga pants, and a sweater. Visit in the summer, and it’s typically tank tops and loose skirts. Continue Reading

I’m so Excited: The Vibra King Arrived

If you’re looking for my Vibra King review, click here.


Okay. See this box, the one right below here.

Well you’ll never guess what’s inside it.

A vintage Vibra King massager. Not sure what a Vibra King is? Check out this Red Tube video  or watch it below to be enlightened. Go ahead, do it now. I’ll wait. Continue Reading

Want Valentine’s Day All Year? Check Out Rori’s 365 Valentine

Many of you know Rori from Between My Sheets – go check her out if not- and she’s started this brand new program I wanted to tell you about.

365 Valentine.

I’m jealous, because it’s such a great idea, I wish I came up with it! Continue Reading

The “Problem” with Female Masturbation

Be prepared. This may get a little ranty.

My friend BIG RICH stumbled upon a few articles and emailed them to me this morning. I guess he thought I’d find them interesting. Or maybe he misses hearing my tangents. Either way, this is what he got. Continue Reading

Squirting: What Science Says

Howdy, y’all. I don’t know if you know this, but one of my top google hits is, and always has been, female ejaculation.

Now, I know many of my friends out there experience it (*waves to Hy and Kayla) and many of you know it’s real, but there are still doubters out there, people who just can’t seem to wrap their heads around it. Continue Reading

More Masturbation


Masturbation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a big fan of masturbation. Truly I am. But I go through these phases where I quit, with no explanation. I don’t know if it’s when I’m having a ton of sex and my libido is matched by what I’m getting. Maybe it’s when I get busy, and there’s not enough time in the day to stop and think, let alone rub one down. But whatever the reason, eventually I’ll realize I haven’t had my hand down my pants in months. Continue Reading

World Sexual Health Day 2013

world-sexual-health-day-2013Yay! A day, worldwide, devoted to sexual health! What could be better? Hmm… maybe a day devoted to orgasms.

Anyway, I’ve got to turn this into a PSA, as I am a huge advocate for sexual health. So here we go! Continue Reading

This is Why I do What I do: 2013 Sex Survey

If you read regularly, you make remember a few months ago, when I was ranting about the iVillage 2013 Sex Survey. Well, I just wanted to warn you, I’m doing it again.

Be prepared.

And I promise, I’m at least going to try and not repeat what I said last time. We’ll see how that goes. Continue Reading

Submissive’s Guide to Giving Head


submissive_sign (Photo credit:

Okay, okay. So that was kind of misleading. Well, sort of. See, I did write a Submissive’s Guide to Giving Head over the weekend, but I just didn’t publish it here, I did it over at Eden. It seems I have a minor obsession with this place. Continue Reading

Pussy Pride

While browsing around online today, procrastinating on many different things, I stumbled upon an old post at Molly’s Daily Kiss, entitled the Pussy Pride Project. And what a great fucking concept, having women embrace their pussies, show love to the very thing that makes us female. I couldn’t resist partaking, and paying ode to my favorite body part. Continue Reading

The Desire to Touch…

Ok, so I gave in, and interestingly enough, decided to read the second 50 Shades (much better than the first, mind you), but at the beginning of the book, I was struck by something I don’t think I mentioned before, and found myself compelled to write this, while sitting at the garage, waiting for my car to get inspected. Continue Reading

Is Oral Sex, Sex?

Drawing by Francesco Hayez. Español: Dibujo de...

Drawing by Francesco Hayez. Español: Dibujo de Francesco Hayez. 한국어: 남녀가 커닐링구스 또는 구강성교를 구사하고 있다. 프란체스코 아예스의 그림. Nederlands: Facesitting. Polski: Francesco Hayez, rysunek. Русский: Картина Франческо Хайеса. తెలుగు: Cunnilingus, or oral sex performed on a woman. Drawing by Francesco Hayez. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, so I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’ve been broading over this, because I haven’t.  What I have been doing is proofreading and writing and reading and all sorts of stuff and now, I’m procrastinating.  I’m really good at it.  A pro, truly.  And what better way to procrastinate, then to communicate with you all, my fellow pervs. Continue Reading

A Rant on Squirting: Once it Starts, There’s No Stopping

I was rereading some of my old posts today, and I came across a comment by Little Miss, stating that she wanted to learn how NOT to squirt.  And, I remember thinking at the time, “What the fuck Little Miss?  Why would you not want to squirt?” Continue Reading

Mindful Sex

As I mentioned in my last Stealing Sunday post, I’ve been trying to work on meditation.  It doesn’t

Lord Mahaveer

Image via Wikipedia

seem to be working too well for me, as I’m more scatter-brained then normal (stupid fucking March, 16 days left and still no house) and tend to run in 10 different directions at once.  But I need something to help ground me.  Help me keep my mind and spirit focused on what’s important, not just the chaos that is my life.  Meditation (or at least my attempt at such) and masturbation have become the cornerstones of my sanity. Continue Reading