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Squirting: What Science Says

Howdy, y’all. I don’t know if you know this, but one of my top google hits is, and always has been, female ejaculation.

Now, I know many of my friends out there experience it (*waves to Hy and Kayla) and many of you know it’s real, but there are still doubters out there, people who just can’t seem to wrap their heads around it.

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Kissing and the Benefits It Brings You

With day jobs and three kids at home, sometimes it’s easy to forget the little

French Kiss

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things in your relationship. It’s easy to go about your day, moving from one thing to another, homework, dinner, evening news, and never stopping to catch your breath.

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Swallow, It’s Good For You: Health Benefits of Semen

Sorry ladies, I know I shouldn’t be encouraging the guys out there to pressure you into swallowing, but I’ve thought about this lately and decided to do a bit of research on the subject, and lo and behold, it turns out that swallowing cum can help you out, in more ways than just getting those new shoes you’ve been eyeing up.  Not only is it full of protein, but it has other benefits as well.  It took some time to sift through the myths and get to the facts of the matter, but I, the dedicated cum-swallower, did and (most) of the information below is from reputable sources.  That being said, one thing I do want to clarify, is even in the university and hospital studies, researchers often seem to make the jump from things being beneficial through absorption of the vaginal walls, to having the same benefits if swallowed.  I, my dear friends, am a human service worker, dealing with addicts and mental health, and have not done real research for a number of years.  Hence, I am not a scientific expert, and I do not know if this is the case.  But regardless, here we go…

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Blue Balls and Pink Pussies

Alright ladies (and boys you can listen too, but I may piss you off, because I could be entirely

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wrong).  I’m sure you’ve all heard it before.  I remember guys in junior high always complaining about it, using it to try to get you to fuck them, blow them, stroke them after a heavy make-out session.  They would say how bad it hurt.  That I just couldn’t understand.  Well, I think that’s bull shit.  Complete and utter bull shit.  I think I can completely understand blue balls, especially through, what I have dubbed, a pink pussy.

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