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Guys Tell How to Give a Better Blowjob

Last week, I was writing an article on blow jobs for a millennial women’s website. I think I know a thing or two about sucking cock (I wrote about it here and here), but, alas, I am dick-less and have never been on the receiving end of a blowjob.  But I have a whole lot of Facebook friends who have been, so I decided to throw it out to the masses to see what they had to say.

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How to Fuck like a Porn Star

So, as I’m attempting to build my online presence, I’ve been spending a lot of time on social media *read: procrastinating and not working*. And through this, I randomly have random conversations with random people.

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The Real Way to Eat Pussy

It was years ago when I wrote the tutorials about blow jobs and I always intended on doing one on how to eat pussy, but it had been so long, I feared I wouldn’t know what to talk about or how to give appropriate instruction.

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Becoming More Comfortable 69ing

For years, I hated 69ing. Too young and too insecure about my body, I was uncomfortable being exposed and having my most private parts on display.

And then I met M.

The visual creature that he is, 69ing was (and still is) one of his favorite ways to pass the time. Oh, I’d comply, straddle myself across over his mouth, but I was always uncomfortable, still too shy to be able to relax with my pussy and ass only inches from his face.

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Kink of the Week: Prostate Play

It just so happened, through a random series of events, that I ended up with a fantastic guest post that happens to be right on topic with Jade‘s Kink of the Week. How damn lucky am I!

I’ve talked before of prostate play, and I still try to encourage M to let me play that way. We haven’t made must progress, but every once in awhile he’ll at least think about a suggestion…

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A Guide to Fisting

Amazingly, I looked around, and there isn’t much real information out there on fisting. And even on sites like youporn and xhamster, many of the videos are either anal fisting (ouch!) or girl-girl scenes. And let me tell you, my fist is not half the size of M’s, so there is no fucking comparison to having a girl fist you and having a full grown 6’4″ man fist you. No comparison.

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Fundamentals of Nipple Torture

Okay, so a little bit ago, I ran this post where I asked you, dear readers and kinky pervs, what you wanted to know about.  And basically, most of you brats gave me nothing (don’t worry, I still love you all!), but Gillian, bless her sexual soul, requested more information about nipple torture.  So it’s taken me a bit, and I’ve experimented myself with some things, and, alas, here we go, with a new post of the wonders of nipple torture!!

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The Prostate: Your Guy’s G-Spot

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If you are reading this, I’m going to assume a few things about you.  You are relatively sexually experienced.  You enjoy sex, are comfortable with your body, and interested in giving your partner pleasure.  If any of those are wrong, I’m sorry.  But I wanted to put that out there, because this topic can make some people a little squeamish.  Just a head’s up on that…

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Nipple Play

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I’ve had a strange relationship with my nipples and nipple play throughout the years.  I’ve always had big boobs, and was one of the first girls in school to have to wear a bra.  Once in high school, it made me popular, but that when hand in hand with lots of comments and ogling.  This seemed to make me disconnect with my boobs.  I cared less that they were there, and often wished I was a girl with “itty-bitty-titties.”  So for years, and I mean YEARS, nipple play did not do a whole lot for me.  It felt nice, even good sometimes, but overall, it wasn’t going to get me anywhere.  At 23, I decided to get them pierced.  Not because I was looking for more pleasure (pain?) from them, but simply because I loved the way a bar bell looked through a hard nipple.  To my surprise, it really increased the pleasure I felt through nipple play.  I’d love it when M and would tug on the rings with his teeth.  Even just simple squeezes felt better.

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A Guide to Female Masturbation

I don’t know how much of an issue this is, but I thought it was something I should maybe talk about…  female masturbation.  Some studies say

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as many at 58% of women don’t masturbate.  I can’t imagine a life without masturbation.  I’ve masturbated as long as I can remember, at least starting in my very early teens.  I read my first romance novel when I was in sixth grade.  I would stay up late, reading with a flashlight.  It seems so cliché, looking back, but I’m guessing that’s probably when it started.  I would sneak my mom’s PlayGirl magazines and always read the stories.  I would get wet, touch myself, but hadn’t really realized that there was more.  Then one day I read a story where a girl straddled a window while fingering herself (she was showing off for her sexy neighbor) and so I took my magazine from my bed, went to the bathroom, and straddled the side of tub.  And that is the only way I masturbated for the next, maybe, eight to ten years.

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The Perfect Blow Job

Okay, so maybe a chick shouldn’t be writing about the perfect blow job.  It very well might be a job for a man.  But I’m not 100% sure on that.  I

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don’t know if M has the slightest clue what I’m doing with my hands, mouth, tongue when I’m going down on him.  So, I’m going to try my best, give you all the advice I can think of…  Because being able to give good head is important.  It’s important for your man.  It’s important for your self-esteem, and it’s important to your own sexuality.

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Making her Squirt the First Time

If you’ve never experienced female ejaculation, either as the giver or receiver, it’s about time to try.  But first, I want to give you a little bit of information to clear up many of the misconceptions many people have about squirting.  First and foremost, it is not urine.  Again it is NOT urine.  It is a clear fluid expelled from the urethra, very similar to men’s ejaculate, but without the sperm.  The fluid comes from the G-Spot, the female equivalent of a man’s prostate.  All women have a G-Spot, so it is technically possible for all women to have a gushing orgasm, although it is very hard for some.  The more in touch with her body a woman is,together with how comfortable she is with herself sexuality, the easier it will be for her to ejaculate.

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