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The Exhibitionist in Me

I would never actually call myself an exhibitionist, but thinking back, I must be in denial.

I remember summer nights, two tents pitched in the backyard, children in one, M and me in the other. The kids all sleeping peacefully, while in our tent, I’m getting the shit fucked out of me doggy style. M would stop, ears perked, as a car drove by. I imagine them, who ever they are, their headlights shinning through the thin nylon of the tent walls, outlining our silhouettes, him kneeling, me on all-fours. And the thought of the people in the car seeing this would make me back into him, hard, make me want to cum so bad. Continue Reading

11 Years Ago on Halloween

We were still only roommates then, sharing space and meals, occasional teases and flirts. Getting ready to go out for the night, I remember saying to Jess, “If it doesn’t work out tonight and I don’t fuck him, I’m done trying.” Continue Reading

Secret Sexting

The kiddos love Saturday Slumber parties with mom and dad. We haul twin mattresses downstairs and  camp out in the living room for the night. We watch movies, eat popcorn and stay up late. We haven’t had one since the beginning of the summer, so they were surprised this weekend when we started to set up. Continue Reading

Lost Things

Ok… This post needs a disclaimer… It’s a bit too much, and by far the most embarrassing thing I think I have actually ever written on the blog. It very well might be TMI for many of you. Sorry in advance. Continue Reading

I Came So Hard

Saturday night, M and I had a few drinks, hanging out together in the living room

from edenfantasys(dot)com

from edenfantasys(dot)com

while he watched television and I read blogs. I had a few new toys that needed reviews, including these “Pleasure balls.” These babies weigh in at a hefty 11 oz, and blew my Lelo Luna Beads out of the water. Continue Reading

Quick and Hard

Rosie Drawing

Rosie Drawing (Photo credit: ewenbrown)

First, a quick apology, as I know I haven’t been present on the blog the way I would like to be. I’m sorry it takes so long for me to respond to comments, and blah, blah, blah. But I’m still here, just busy… Continue Reading

Good Intentions…

Masturbation Month

Masturbation Month (Photo credit: bjo_)

So, I’m trying, truly I am.  Every night this week, I’ve thought about sitting down at the computer and writing and posting.  But one thing leads to another, and when I’ve got to choose between blogging and sleep, well, sleep tends to win over.  But this morning, I had some great thoughts for a few posts.  And I got up shortly after M, and had a little morning lovin, had some coffee, and after M left for work, I had an hour to spare.  So I get the computer, and I go to bed, and sit down to write. Continue Reading

Good Morning…

The unwoken

The unwoken (Photo credit: dhammza)

First, I must apologize before I get started here.  I’ve been über busy lately, with work and new projects and such.  If I could only find a way to stop time for only a bit…  Or find a decent coke dealer (just joking… sort of).  Anyway, it seems I’ve got quite a few writing projects going on, so I may not be around LSAM as much as I’d like, but alas, thus is life…  And, now, on with the show. Continue Reading

The Hike

Yesterday, for a multitude of reasons, M and I left all the children with my mother for the week.  Leaving them there was bitter-sweet, as they will be missed, but it is almost a mini vacation for us…  Upon returning to our displaced housing, we decided to go for a hike and I thought I would show M the waterfall that sits about a half mile or so back in the woods from my father’s place… Continue Reading

Dirty Little Secret

Fits well

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Yesterday, I had a dirty little secret.  And I had no intention of writing about it today, but found my motivation by fellow blogger Accidental Masturbator, who often discusses his DLS.  So here is what happened… Continue Reading

Spank Me, Love Me

I don’t normally post personal stories of my sex life, but this experience was fantastic, so I thought I’d share it.

Christmas night M went out with his boys, leaving me at home to play with my wand by myself.  He left around 11 and by 2, I had at least five orgasms and sent him dirty pics all night.  Shorty after 2, I got a message that he’d be home soon…  I got up and put on a garter, my stockings with the bows on the back (a left over from an Alice in Wonderland costume I wore a few years back) and a blue nightie. Continue Reading