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Sex and Putt Putt: What Happens When You Vacation with Children


We’ve just returned from 10, much-needed, days at the beach. A week spent in a beach house allowed for ample relaxation and plenty of time and room for fucking, but the subsequent three days were spent in a small suite in Ocean City, which didn’t provide much opportunity for vacation sex. Continue Reading

Bound to Him: Masturbation Monday

It was Friday night and I was laying in bed playing on Instagram.

“Girl,” there was a warning in His tone.

“Yes, Daddy?” I didn’t look up, scrolling through more and more pictures of spanking and bondage and thigh highs. Continue Reading

Too Much of a Good Thing: A Real Life Tale

As I mentioned on Sunday, this is the week of Daddy’s birthday, which means there are a little bit of extras when it comes to celebrating and indulgences. Last night was no different. It was movie night, and since I’d never seen it and HH and Lo seemed to find so much enjoyment in it, I opted for Magic Mike.  Continue Reading

Orgasmic Haze: Masturbation Monday

It was a long weekend. Family. Funeral. Friends.

Drugs and alcohol.


And M and I were up late last night, and didn’t end up fucking until after midnight.

And apparently I got off again on his hand randomly in the middle of the night. Continue Reading

When He Falls Asleep: Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my first Wicked Wednesday!


We were drunk.

He more than me, but I hadn’t realized it until it was too late.

Dizzy, He laid down and, in less than a minute, His eyes were closed and His breathing deep. Continue Reading

I Find Myself Alone

I have three kids. And my youngest just started Pre-K yesterday. It was a rough start for both of us. But M made it better, took me to breakfast, then golfing. By the time we were done, it was time to get my boy from school. Continue Reading

Welcome Home, Caitlyn!!

After being gone for just two days (I know, I know, I made it seem like we were apart forever), I finally made my way home last night. A rushed dinner was followed by story time and bedtime kisses, then the kiddos were tucked into bed and encouraged to fall asleep. Continue Reading

Afternoon Delight

It’s been a fabulous few weeks in the McConnell household. Since it’s bitter cold outside, M’s not been working, and with me working as a full-time writer, hell, I barely leave the house. Continue Reading


For years I wasn’t a fan of 69ing. The position exposed more of me than I was comfortable showing and at that point in time, I couldn’t imagine the close up of an ass to be attractive, especially my ass. It made me apprehensive, this discomfort, and therefore jittery and awkward, feeling weird in my own skin. Continue Reading

Making Love

Very rarely can I call what happens between M and me making love. I don’t have anything against it, making love, but it has a connotation of gentleness and of being tender.

M and I, we don’t make love. We fuck. Continue Reading

The Exhibitionist in Me

I would never actually call myself an exhibitionist, but thinking back, I must be in denial.

I remember summer nights, two tents pitched in the backyard, children in one, M and me in the other. The kids all sleeping peacefully, while in our tent, I’m getting the shit fucked out of me doggy style. M would stop, ears perked, as a car drove by. I imagine them, who ever they are, their headlights shinning through the thin nylon of the tent walls, outlining our silhouettes, him kneeling, me on all-fours. And the thought of the people in the car seeing this would make me back into him, hard, make me want to cum so bad. Continue Reading

11 Years Ago on Halloween

We were still only roommates then, sharing space and meals, occasional teases and flirts. Getting ready to go out for the night, I remember saying to Jess, “If it doesn’t work out tonight and I don’t fuck him, I’m done trying.” Continue Reading

Secret Sexting

The kiddos love Saturday Slumber parties with mom and dad. We haul twin mattresses downstairs and  camp out in the living room for the night. We watch movies, eat popcorn and stay up late. We haven’t had one since the beginning of the summer, so they were surprised this weekend when we started to set up. Continue Reading

Lost Things

Ok… This post needs a disclaimer… It’s a bit too much, and by far the most embarrassing thing I think I have actually ever written on the blog. It very well might be TMI for many of you. Sorry in advance. Continue Reading

I Came So Hard

Saturday night, M and I had a few drinks, hanging out together in the living room

from edenfantasys(dot)com

from edenfantasys(dot)com

while he watched television and I read blogs. I had a few new toys that needed reviews, including these “Pleasure balls.” These babies weigh in at a hefty 11 oz, and blew my Lelo Luna Beads out of the water. Continue Reading