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Making Her: Scene Stealer #20

Here’s a brief piece of erotica for you, dear reader, inspired by this week’s Scene Stealer from Write to Done. You must start your story with their scene, and this week, you had to use the second-person POV. Continue Reading

Five Sentence Fiction: Misunderstanding

If you already read this, I apologize. It’s from my writing blog, but I thought it would be a good fit here too! *hugs and kisses*


Dar’s excitement was hard to contain as she thought about the night ahead; it was Mac’s 34th birthday and she’d been planning it for nearly two months. She knew he’d be home from work around 7, and therefore asked Christie to be there by six, leaving them plenty of time for a few drinks before they got ready. By 6:45, both girls were in bed, stripped down to their undies, lips and tongues dancing as their hands moved over one another, learning and caressing the other’s bodies. At 7 o’clock exactly, they heard the door open and close, and Dar pulled Christie’s panties off as she kissed her way down the woman’s body, wanting to have her face buried between her legs when her husband walked in. Her tongue licked and circled Christie’s clit, and as she sucked it into her mouth, she heard Mac enter the room and his footsteps stop; there was a long pause before he said, “You’re a god damn whore,” and stormed down the hall, slamming doors as he went. Continue Reading

The Collaring: Erotic Fiction

Hey all. Wrote this last summer. It starts here about 1000 words in, once things start to get hot. And please excuse the length. Too long for a blog post, I know. Opps. Hope you enjoy!………………. Continue Reading

My Hero: A bit of erotica for your reading pleasure

I wrote this awhile ago for a submission call, but never sent it in. I left the first few thousand words off, it’s all back story anyway, the plot for the porn if you will.

Hope you enjoy. *hugs and kisses* Continue Reading

A Sneak Peek… A bit of erotica

So today I finally did it. I’ve caught up with where I’m supposed to be with my novel for nanowrimo, at a whopping 23,338 words. And to celebrate, I thought I’d share a little piece of it. This is the last scene I wrote, taking me to the threshold I’ve been trying to meet, with a lovely five words to spare. Continue Reading

Erotica: Echo

This is the first erotic piece of fiction I wrote after starting LSAM, and it had been years before that.  I never posted it, was self-conscious of putting any piece of fiction out there for people to read.  But today, I was going through my writing journal, which I carry with me everywhere, and stumbled upon it.  Therefore, I’m sharing it.  Hope y’all are having a great sunny Saturday!!  *hugs and kisses* ~LSAM Continue Reading

Erotica: Control

I brief preface, if I may.  This was very difficult for me to write.  Normally, stories pour from my fingers like I’m simply detailing what I see, pulling words out of the ether or wherever it is that words come from.  This was not the case with Control.  This is based on a dream from a week or two ago.  It was hard to verbalize.  It was hard to write.  I don’t know.  But, fuck, I think I need to go rub one down.  Hope you enjoy it! Continue Reading

Erotic Story: The Struggle

It’s dark.  My senses heightened.  I pull at my wrists, but it’s no use, the ropes are secure.  They don’t budge.  I still fight, thrashing against the bed.  But for only a moment, as he was waiting for this, and he reaches out, smoothing my hair back from my face, damp with sweat.  With struggle… Continue Reading

Erotica: Watching

This story is the result of a conversation on a comment string with Gillian Colbert.  She decided that we would help each other and post either a fantasy or a work of fiction, and we would do it together for both motivation and support.  She then declared February 28th Bare Your Sexual Soul Day.  So without further ado, here is my piece.  And understand, this is the first time I have ever let anyone, ANYONE, read these little bits that I write.  Until now.  Eek! Continue Reading