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Friday (9/26/14) is Boobday!

It’s that time again. Yep, you guessed it: the last Friday of the month, which means it’s BOOBDAY!

Woot! Woot!

(Okay, I’m a dork. I’m not sorry.)


Showing some team spirit! Continue Reading

Friday (8/29/14) is Boobday!

So the lovely Hy Jones is at it again with Boobday! A few changes and tweaks, a new picture for the meme and a booby pic!

Here’s my August contribution(s).


IMG_20140828_082421I love this t-shirt. It’s old and comfy and pretty damn transparent. And M loves the way my nipples look through the thin cotton. M loving my nipples… That’s always a bonus! Continue Reading

Friday (10/4/13) is Boobday!

Well, christ, am I fucking glad it’s Friday! Here’s to Boobday *cheers*. My only goal tonight… to get shit-faced drunk and have lots of kinky sex.


And don’t forget to check out all the other wonderful ladies at Hy’s place, for there are many lovely titties today! Continue Reading

Friday (9/13/13) is Boobday!

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in boobday, and I figured Friday the 13th is just as good as any other day to jump back in. use this one

I know it’s not naked boobies, but maybe next week. Ya see, it’s been a week from hell. And although boobday does tend to make me happier, I just can’t seem to get up the motivation to take a picture. This one was taken on Monday at work. I had walked in front of the bathroom mirror and was astonished to see that my hard nipples were completely visible through this new shirt. And then I thought, “Damn, that looks rather sexy,” and I snapped a picture and went to put a jacket on. Continue Reading

Friday (6/7/13) is Boobday!

Yay! It’s been such a long week, I’ve been looking forward to Friday since Wednesday! Boobies always make me feel better.


And this week, it’s a two for one, at least for the ladies. This was actually taken with last week’s Boobday. Not my favorite pic, but it’ll do. And… it’s a lead into another topic… Dick day. Now G posted about it yesterday, so I’m finally getting around to putting it out there. Continue Reading

Friday (5/31/13) is Boobday!

Yay for Boobday! This boobday pic actually inspired an upcoming post on titty fucking, so be expecting something along those lines within the next week or so. Sir snapped this shot while I was braiding my hair in preparation to suck his cock. I’ve always got to get the damn shit out of my way, or we’ll both be covered in it. What can I say? I shed a lot! Continue Reading

Friday (5/24/13) is Boobday!

Yay for Boobday! And as much as I love boobday, I’m disappointed that my last two posts are boobs. What the fuck?! Anyway, I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, and hopefully will be posting later today, something other than simply skin! haha Continue Reading

Friday (5/17/13) is Boobday!

Ok. I’m not very good with computers, so if you receive email updates, sorry for the few random posts I sent out while trying to get this shit figured out! Opps!! But it’s Friday, so I’m sure you’ll forgive me since it’s Boobday! Yay for Boobday!! Continue Reading

Friday (5/10/13) is Boobday!

Yay for Friday! Still lovin’ Boobday!


And don’t forget to stop over at Hy’s place to check out all the other luscious ladies playing along today!

*hugs and kisses*

Ya know, sometimes I can’t think of songs to play. And then I think of my favorite bands, and I realize I’ve never played them at all. Maroon 5… *sigh* I love them, especially the little bit older stuff. Hell, there were so many songs off the first few albums that were about sex, how could you not love them? And Adam, well he just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Idk, maybe it’s additional tattoos or something, but fuck… *swoon* Continue Reading

Friday (5/3/13) is Boobday!

Hey y’all. Yay for Boobday! With the chaos of last week settled, I didn’t want to miss Boobday again. So here’s a picture of titties and shadows for your viewing enjoyment. *hugs and kisses* friends and voyeurs. Enjoy your weekend, as I’ll be off the grid until Sunday. Continue Reading

Friday (4/19/13) is Boobday!


Yay for Boobday! Running behind schedule this morning folks, so can’t say much, but wanted to make sure I got this up! hehe

Make sure to jump on over to Hy’s place and check out all the other titties! Continue Reading

Friday (4/12/13) is Boobday!

Goodness people! I’m really starting to like this. And I mean REALLY like it. Boobies are everywhere! These feather clamps are the prettiest nipple clamps I own. Aren’t they cute? They aren’t necessarily my favorite, with no chain they are very light, but I love the look of them and the feel of feathers brushing against my skin… *sigh* It’s like the perfect pinch and tickle all rolled into one. Continue Reading

Friday (4/5/13) is Boobday!

Yunno, you gotta love Hy. Really you do. And this Boobday thing? She’s a GENIUS! It’s the best of both worlds really. A little bit of exhibtionism, a bit of voyeurism… What’s there not to love!? Continue Reading

Friday (3/29/13) is Boobday!


Last week, my dear friend Hyacinth started Boobday. Who wouldn’t want to participate in something called Boobday? Be warned, there is a good chance that this may become a regular occurance here on LSAM as well… But really, how many different ways can I take pictures of my tits? I guess we’ll find out, won’t we dear reader… Continue Reading