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My lovely blog award acceptance posts. Often random, often chaotic.

Inspiring Chaos and Versatility with Information

Okay, so this is nuts.  It is getting fucking ridiculous.  It’s done today.  Tonight.  Sometime within this day (March 26th, just so you can hold me accountable).  It probably won’t make any sense.  It probably will be my worst post ever.  But, what the fuck.  I’m tired of seeing it down in the corner of my dashboard, laughing with its ugly teeth at me.  So here we are.  A written example of the chaos of my mind. Continue Reading

Breaking the Rules

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

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The ever-lovely Gillian Colbert at Black Door Press and the hysterical satirical-dripping vagina know as Kat at SnarkySnatch have recently nominated me for blog awards.  I am eternally humbled by this, as it means that there are real, live people out there reading the rants that I write.  Thank you, Gillian and Kat, as well as everyone else who stumbles upon lovesexandmarriage and takes the time to keep cumming back.  You make this all worth while… Continue Reading