Bound to Him: Masturbation Monday

It was Friday night and I was laying in bed playing on Instagram.

“Girl,” there was a warning in His tone.

“Yes, Daddy?” I didn’t look up, scrolling through more and more pictures of spanking and bondage and thigh highs.

“Why don’t you have a high pony in yet?”

I stopped and smiled, my body instantly responding to the knowledge that playtime was upon us. I climbed to my knees and sitting back on my heels, pulled my long hair up from my neck and into a ponytail at the top of my head.

“Mmm, that’s better,” He said, sitting next to me on the bed. “Now chin up.”

My eyes closed and my pulse quickened as He fastened the leather around my neck.

“Do you have the rope?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And your plug?”

I blushed. “Daddy…”

“Girl. Do you have the plug?”


“Good.” His small approval and roaming hands washed away my embarrassment.

He moved over my flesh, past my panties, over my garters until He reached the top of my stockings, snapping them against my skin.

“Up on the swing, Toy.”

I complied, moving to where the swing hung above the bed.

“On your knees.”

I worked to get in position, my hips held up by the swing’s seat. I braced on my elbows and waited.

Moving beside me, M placed the blindfold over my eyes and began His inspection. He shifted me to the left. The right. Picking up my right foot, then my left, He hooked the heels over the foot rest, suspending them in the air. He straightened out my garter straps and pulled my red panties down over my ass, stopping half way to my knees.

His hands roamed, grazing over flesh, cloth, and lace as He murmured His approval.

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Soothing the skin with His hand, I had forgotten about the plug until the cold metal pushed against my ass. More pressure. Deep breath. And I felt it slip past my barriers and settle in my warmth.

As soon as it was in, there was soft rope falling against my skin. I gulped. I could feel the rope pulling through the loop at the top of my plug, tugging it back and forth in my ass.

“Head back.”

I lifted my head and He hooked a finger in the o-ring on the back of my collar, and I suddenly realized what He was going to do. The rope slid through and as He pulled it tight, my back arched and the plug pulled and I was stuck in position.

“Now both hands between your legs, Toy. Together.”

Again, I obeyed, and as He wrapped the rope around my wrists, binding them together between my knees, I was on edge. Without my arms for support, my upper body was trapped against the bed, my back still arched, keeping taunt pressure on the plug in my ass.

He knotted. Tied. Tightened. And I was lost in the moment as He bound me.


The first hit was unexpected and it made me coo. Not hard, not soft, but the perfect combination of pleasure and sting. The next came with the same intensity, and as they continued, they gradually got harder, one by one, until my cheeks were on fire.

Once my ass was cherry red, His fingers started slipping into my pussy, already wet and dripping.

“Do you like being tied, Toy?”

“Uh-huh,” my breathing was quick, trying to stay under control.

His fingers turned inside me, beckoning, massaging my G-spot.

I was panting. “Daddy? Can I cum?”

“Yes, Girl.”

And I did. Splashing against my legs. His hand. My body rocked and the plug pulled tighter and I came again. Harder. Longer.

He was fucking me now. His hand twisted in my hair. His hand pushing on my back. His hands wrapped in my garter belt, using it as leverage as He pounded into me again and again.

A hand in my collar. One on my head. Pushing me down. Pulling me up.

The whole time, liquid spilling between my legs, soaking the sheets.

Time passed. Indefinitely.

Hours later, untied and in bed, He asked if I was okay.

“Mmm…?” I responded.

“Baby girl, are you good?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I mumbled back. “Just floaty.”

He smiled. “Good.”


These are the memories I’m rubbing it down to this week. Head on over to Kayla’s and see what everyone is doing for Masturbation Monday this week.

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  1. My, what a nice story. Or, should I say Hot! I want to do that. Loved the sexy photos.

  2. I now need some serious playtime in my life. I love how he takes you from being his Toy to being his Babygirl. 😀

  3. Wonderful photography, with a great story.

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