Blue Balls and Pink Pussies



Alright ladies (and boys you can listen too, but I may piss you off, because I could be entirely

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wrong).  I’m sure you’ve all heard it before.  I remember guys in junior high always complaining about it, using it to try to get you to fuck them, blow them, stroke them after a heavy make-out session.  They would say how bad it hurt.  That I just couldn’t understand.  Well, I think that’s bull shit.  Complete and utter bull shit.  I think I can completely understand blue balls, especially through, what I have dubbed, a pink pussy.


I’m assuming most people know what happens when a guy’s cock gets hard, but just in case I’m wrong (it’s been known to happen then and again…  and again), I’ll give a brief explanation.  When a man becomes aroused, blood flows into his cock and testicles.  It fills arteries, making his dick hard and his balls swell.  When he cums, the blood drains back out of his junk, and it returns to normal, everyday size.  Blue balls,  technically known as prostatic congestion or vasocongrestion, occurs when the blood that makes a dude’s dick hard does not drain from the thing after being aroused, especially after an extended period with no ejaculation.  It’s called “Blue Balls” because the after extended “excitement” the blood in his nuts will begin to lose oxygen and  look blue under the thin skin (haha…  nuts.  Sorry.  Nuts make me laugh!).  It makes them uncomfortable, achy and sore, particularly in their balls and/or prostate.


Although your guy may whine and complain, from my research it’s not really that bad.  At all.  It’s discomfort, not really pain.  And it happens to girls too.  Just like a man’s penis changes when he’s aroused, so does a women.  Her pussy, particularly her lips, fill with blood (notice that they swell and get “pinker”, like the lips on her face do, but that’s another post) just as a man’s dick swells when he’s hard. (Check out the picture below…  Ignore the abnormal amount of hair, but this is the first pic I could find that demonstrated what I was talking about.  And if you don’t know by now, I’m a fan of a bare pussy, so I wish it was different, but alas, it is not.  Anyway, see how pink her lips are…  How much darker they are then the rest of her skin?  This is because of extra blood flow).   And when she doesn’t get off, it gets uncomfortable.

Girls, you know what I’m talking about.  You think you’re going to cum, you’re planning on it.  It’s almost there.  Yes.  Yes…  No.  Nope.  Fuck.  Shit. Damn.  You may have experienced this before (I say may because I’m sure it doesn’t happen to everyone, although it has definitely happened to me, not necessarily from not orgasming, but

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from a day of extreme arousal with no release).  It feels heavy, achy, sort of throbbing.  I assume, although I can’t be sure as I am not a man (sadly), it feels very similar to what a man experiences.

So why the big deal?  Because they’re men.  And it’s easy to fix the discomfort.  How?  Cum.  That’s it.  One simple little orgasm will make them (and you) feel better.  It doesn’t have to be sex.  Beating off will bring about the same results.  Interestingly enough, apparently if he strains himself, by picking up a heavy object, it will also release the “tension.”  But if he can convince you that he’s in pain, aren’t you more likely to suck his cock or jack him off compared to asking him move the furniture.  I know I am.  So don’t be too hard on him (:)), but just let him know that you may not have balls that are blue, but you have a pink pussy that really needs to cum too!


27 responses to “Blue Balls and Pink Pussies

  1. I don’t know. I have some days when I just can’t seem to relieve the tension, no matter how many times I cum. I’m a sex addict, though.

    • Oh, I have those days too Woman. For me, a good two hours of marathon sex, some squirting, and the kind of orgasms that last seem to last forever, because I am so on edge tend to take care of it. If that’s not a possibility, I normally give up once my wand starts to get overheated…

  2. I always doubted those teenage boys and their aching balls too. Like THEY need it! Fuck that, I NEED it just as much. Misconceptions about sexuality bug me. Great post…it should clear up the issue!

    Being almost there and then not getting there is the worst. Crabby, crabby, crabby!


  3. I honestly never experienced the phenomenon of “Blue Balls” until I met Lo. She and I would go at it hot and heavy in the car, but not to the point of climax (for me). The next 8 – 12 hours I felt as if someone had my balls in a vice. Yes, I could have relieved the pain and tension by the method you recommend, but I. . . I actually liked the physical manifestation of my lust for her. The pain reminded me of how much I wanted her and it made me know that I was in love with her body & soul. As you know, I still go for days on end without release, just so I can give her what she wants, and frequently that results in some serious pain. A pain that is also a pleasure.
    Thanks for the post!

  4. I too think blue balls is bullshit. When I was younger, I loved to get aroused to the point of being on the verge of coming, then stop and stay in that state for the rest of the day. Talk about heightened awareness. Every woman I saw became an instant fantasy. I would get erect at the most unexpected moments, and have to think myself down. It was a game I loved to play. When I got final release hours later, it was SPECTACULAR. And NO BLUE BALLS. Just a great feeling of constant arousal.

    BTW, the first picture at the top is stunning. What a magnificent body!!

    • It is a beautiful picture, isn’t it…

      And I, too, like the “uncomfort” of not cumming sometimes. The heightened awareness. But sometimes I’ll start throbbing and won’t be able to pay attention to anything else going on, all my thoughts focused on my pussy…

  5. I think the concept of “blue balls” was entirely made up by whiny, needy men who have entitlement issues. Having been stopped, for some reason or another, from early arousal all the way up to right before cumming, I have never experienced the phenomenon…. And, yeah, is always frustrating… but to claim pain? C’mon fellas!

  6. First … major hotness on the sexy man-meat! Second … for me, what pisses me off the most is when I really, really want to come and no matter what I do I just can’t make it happen. Then I walk around feeling swollen and crabby all day. Or worse, when I’m lying in bed trying to get off and fall asleep in the middle! That pisses me off like no one’s business.

    As for blue balls, I never had a guy try that on me. I always thought that it was better to have some space without coming so that you don’t get tired of it. You know? Kind of like getting an ice cream sundae with every meal, eventually you get a little tired of the sundae.

    • 🙂 I don’t seem to have a problem with cumming anymore (knock on wood). I used to though. And I would masturbate for hours with nothing happening. Until my damn hands would cramp up!

      And I may have to disagree with you… I like to cum everyday. Well, at least five days a week. If I don’t get off for a few days, I’m bitchy…

  7. That is one hairy monster taint it ! Grass doesn’t grow on a play ground.

    I know just the feeling you describe I have never checked the color though. There is good in everything if you look hard enough. After being on the edge of orgam for a long time, being hard with no releif the strenght of my orgasm intensifies amazingly in volume distance and sensation.
    I kind of like the idea of you girls playing on after I cum. In fact its down right sexy when I get to play with your wet and abused pussy all overflowing with my cum. Its even better when I get hard again and get to enjoy fucking in that lovey mess.

    There is a nice pussy under all that hair . Where is my straight razor ?


    • Geez, Cruel!! “when I get to play with your wet and abused pussy all overflowing with my cum” — Made me all tingly!

      And, as a side note, I hate a hairy bush. It doesn’t have to be bare, but, come on girls, a little maintenance goes a long way! And I’ve never had someone shave me with a straight razor… Sounds sexy! May have to have M try that soon… Thanks for the inspiration Cruel!

  8. I have no experience of my balls turning blue, but they certainly get uncomfortable if I’m aroused for too long without relief. I don’t even need an erection for them to get that way either – if I think about sex too much in a day it will bring in the ache. Only occasionally does it get to the point of pain though. More often I get pain with my prostate, and that has will wake me in the night. That has been excruciatingly painful in the past (once or twice almost bad enough for me to pass out) though that can probably be in part attributed to my prostate being about 50% larger than usual.
    I’d never heard of “blue balls” till a couple of months ago, and for the record, I have never used it as a bargaining chip.

    • Maybe it’s an American concept… Some of our guys are pretty whinny over here (dear readers excluded). And I’m interested in this sexual frustration that can almost make you pass out. That sucks! Does orgasm release the pain?

      • Orgasm will relieve the testicular ache and if the prostate ach is only mild it can be helped. If my prostate gets to the point of pain then cumming a) doesn’t help, and b) is pretty unlikely as its sufficiently distracting that I’m really not in the mood to stay hard.
        As mentioned, it’s not your average prostate gland, so there may be other factors, but the empirical evidence suggests to me that the problem is related to extended arousal.

  9. In defense of the blue-balled boy, I’d like to state that it really is quite uncomfortable. However, it’s not painful at all, though the psychological tension of not getting sexual release can make the discomfort seem a lot more potent than it really is.

    And, as AM stated, I have never used it to further my own sexual adventures. The idea of guilt-tripping a woman into having sex with me is rather abhorrent.

    • I understand being uncomfortable. It happens to us to. For me, due to the sensations, I tend to focus on it, making the whole situation worse… but as mentioned earlier, I cum so easily now, this hasn’t been an issue for awhile…

      And I’m glad to know that you haven’t used us against us… Although by the sounds of it, it doesn’t seem to take much to get girls to… um… “open up” to you. 🙂 It’s nice to hear from so many guys, saying that they would never guilt girls into fucking them. But it happens. A lot. It’s good to know that there are guys out there that aren’t total tools…

  10. I am down with most of the comments here. Totally agree that the whole blue balls thing is utter bullshit.

    Take the other day for instance. Toey as a roman sandal I was so I just went and masturbated in the toilets at work. Not my favourite place to get off but when you are hours from home you do what you do.

    I am glad that women are finally gaining some sexual traction. Bring it on I say!

    • Damn right!!

      I just read another article yesterday, maybe on, discussing how blue balls happens to girls with sexual frustration too, and that it wasn’t okay just to get off and leave her hanging if she was close. It’s getting there…

  11. I’ve just remembered another consideration on this issue:
    Quite some years ago I went to see my doctor as my balls were regularly aching. (I had never heard of anything like blue balls at the time.) He diagnosed Epididymitis, and as well as being proscribed a course of antibiotics, I was instructed to “ejaculate regularly” to make sure my tubes didn’t get blocked. His exact words. I promise. I was told I should wank regularly my a doctor. I’m not joking.

  12. Proper blue balls is very real and hurts like hell, I need to defend blokekind a bit here. Apparently quite rare and probably plays out differently for different men, but for me it begins after 2-3 hours of constant high-grade arousal (the kind where your cock is virtually solid and you worry a bit it might burst). The warning signs are a dull ache and ejaculation at that point cures it completely. But ignore it for even 5 or 10 minutes (highly tempting because you’re in the zone, the pleasure is immense, and your body is awash with pain-killing hormones) and the pain builds. You realise it’s a problem and cum, and then the real pain kicks in. It’s obvious there’s some tissue damage in your balls. They’re sore the rest of the day and even all next day, and you spend your time making sure they don’t brush against your leg too suddenly, cradling them every time you sit down, and generally not being able to concentrate on anything else. It’s like being kicked hard in the balls but the intense pain lasts hours rather than minutes.

    But yes, to be sure this isn’t the strained desire you get after a bit of kissing. Having experienced it enough times there is no way I’d waste time on a blowjob when the pain starts, I’m furiously getting myself off before it gets worse. The term has just been misappropriated for any unfulfilled situation and it’s unfortunate it’s gender specific. Perhaps women should get ‘blue ovaries’?

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