I figured this year would be the only year I would get to make her day extra special. I therefore wanted to make 34 one she’d never forget. And with her birthday Saturday and M’s on Wednesday, it seemed like the perfect weekend to celebrate.

Lynn arrived shortly after 4, and by 4:30 the three of us left for dinner. Although we’ve been out to dinner probably hundreds of times together over the years, this was the first time the three of us had gone out as the three of us.

I was a wreck, a ball of nerves, jittery and quiet, compared to my normal, talkative self.

But after we got halfway through our first drink, things started to relax. After dinner, M dropped us off at a local fundraising event, which was hosting a wine tasting. By the end of the two hour event, we had found ourselves a little corner of the area, hidden from the waist down by bookshelves. We were touching as much as we could without getting caught.

As soon as the Chinese auction was over (where we won tickets to the opera and a hotel room), we headed out to meet M, who was waiting to pick us up. Back to our place we went for presents and birthday cake.

Within a few hours, we were in bed, stretched out, the three of us naked and hands everywhere.

Like the times before, the three of us flowed together, moving from moment to moment without question or hesitation. So much touching, kissing, licking, and sucking, that we were at a point, to use Lynn’s words, where you don’t know, nor care, whose hands or mouth or lips are whose, because it all feels so good and it really doesn’t matter.

Sixty-nining, Lynn was beneath me when M moved between her knees, his cock in hand. His fingers started playing with her pussy, while I pulled my lips back to her clit, licking and sucking and nibbing. When he pushed into her, I stopped to watch, their bodies joined, while Lynn continued to play with my pussy, fingers moving in and out, keeping pace with her and M.

M, watching her and I while he pounded her cunt, pulled out, allowing me to drop my mouth to her lips and clit, sucking them into my mouth for a moment before giving him access again. Over and over again we did this, his cock, my mouth; my mouth, his cock. The sounds she made at each switch still echo in my head.

Not too long later, me on my back, M now between my legs, Lynn laid opposite of me, and while my fingers reached between her legs, her lips sealed onto my clit, her tongue flicking across it, making me clench against him. It felt so amazingly good, his cock and her mouth, that I could do nothing but move against them, accepting the pleasure they gave.

At the end of the night, for our last go round, M fucked me doggy style, while I lay between Lynn’s legs, lazily playing with her pussy. We’d been going at it for hours, and this was the first time we’d really slowed down, and it gave me the opportunity to explore her with my fingers and mouth. With M slowly moving in and out of me, his eyes again on the girls in front of him, I licked and touched and watched her and her responses. As his pace increased, so did mine, my fingers turning into her g-spot, while my mouth played havoc on her clit. When he came, M’s hand was wrapped in my hair, pushing my face harder in to Lynn’s pussy, not allowing me to move as I buried myself in her.

When sleep finally came, the three of us lay together in our bed, exhaustion from the night and orgasms obvious on our bodies.

It wasn’t my birthday, but I’m going to wager it was a good one. I know it’s not one I’ll soon forget!