SE-2934-25-3Although I love getting new toys, the plug I received this month from Cal Exotics sat for almost a week without making its way to our bed.

This evening, before dinner, I mentioned to M that I needed to review it tonight. So after homework and showers and goodnight kisses, we finally made it upstairs to our bedroom. And yet there I sat, not moving towards sex or sex toys or passion of any sort.

But leave it M. He asked for the lube and picked up my new Coco-licious Back End Play butt plug.

  • A silicone plug, the Back End Play comes in either black or pink, and has a flared base that can also serve as a suction cup on a flat surface.

“Give me your ass,” he says.

I roll up on my hands and knees. He begins to rub it against my ass, spreading lube. It seems like it’s been so long since we’ve had any ass play, so long since I’ve been stretched and filled.

He pushes it. Waits, then pushes again. It starts to slip in, and it hurts. It’s been too long.

  • This plug measures from top to bottom at 4.25 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth.

He senses my hesitancy, and his fingers dip down to my pussy, moving in my wetness, and slip between my lips to play at my opening.

It starts to feel good and I moan as I push back against him. He pushes deeper, and slips a finger inside, telling me what a tight girl I am.

I rearrange, giving him a better angle at my ass. He pushes, and the first bulb slides in.

  • The Coc0-licious plug has two egg-shaped bulbs, making it so one SE-2934-25-3_1goes in, then the other. The top bulb is set at an angle, which can alter the feeling, depending how you have it positioned.

I gasp as my body adjusts to the invasion.

His fingers begin working on my pussy again, slipping to my clit, rubbing me until I’m a mess, moving against him, pushing back on the plug as it stretches me again, wanting more.

Before I know it, the plug’s in and I feel M’s cock pressing against my cunt as his hands grip my hips, holding me in place as he pushes in.

It’s so tight and I can feel him moving against the plug and it feels so different and I’m so full.

My head drops to the bed and my hand drifts between my legs feeling him stretch me, move inside me.

I’m cumming, squeezing against him. He pulls back, the head of his cock balancing at my opening, where the plug makes my pussy extra tight against him. He moves, a few inches in, a few inches out.

  • The unique design of the Back End Play adds a different sensation to sex than a traditional shaped plug. Because of the taper and flare, and the thicker than normal tip of the plug, sex with it in takes on a whole new feeling.

And just that motion, feeling where our bodies join, throws me over the edge. As I clamp down on him, my hands fisted in the sheets, M pulls out, and I topple, juices splashing against my hand as he thrusts back in, fucking me harder.

  • I often have trouble with plugs slipping out while I’m cumming, but this little guy stayed in place rather well. I would like to have a longer neck at the base, just for comfort and fit, but this was not unbearable.

He leans down on me, pressing me between his body and the mattress, and his hand replaces mine, toying with my clit, making me squeeze and convulse around him. His lips are on my neck, on my ear, moving and tasting.

Soon the plug’s removed and we’re back on our knees,ย his hand fisted in my hair, holding me in place, making me cum again and again as he takes his pleasure in my body, moving me to his command, using me to bring himself to a climax, his cock pulsating inside me with his release.

  • Overall, this plug is a fun toy to add to a toy box. Due to the design and thickness of the plug, I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners or those unfamiliar with anal play.
  • Like most silicone toys, this guy collects lint and small dust particles, so make sure you clean it before and after use with a toy cleaner or soap and water. Don’t use silicone based lubes and keep it away from other silicone based toys.
  • Although we didn’t try it out as such, my guess is this could hit a guy’s p-spot pretty damn well. Just sayin.