Afternoon Delight

It’s been a fabulous few weeks in the McConnell household. Since it’s bitter cold outside, M’s not been working, and with me working as a full-time writer, hell, I barely leave the house.

And with our libidos going through the roof, there’s been so much fucking and edging, most of the time I’m walking around like a ticking time bomb, just waiting for the smallest touch so I can explode.

Today was no different, and since it started out with a few flirty texts with Lynn, I was horny by the time the school bus came. But with errands to run and a house to clean, M wasn’t going to let me have any release.

Yet, once we got home and put groceries away, and after a brief visit from my favorite girl, things changed after M got the mail. There were two packages in the post, one of which I wasn’t expecting for a few more days.


I opened up the bag and there was the little white and black French maid costume I ordered. With a matching garter, wrist cuffs, and headband, it was super cute and I wanted to put it on.

M, who’d been edging us both since 8 am, said he wanted to see me in it. So, I stripped off my clothes and donned the newest addition to my lingerie drawer.

I pranced around the kitchen, intentionally bending over the table, putting my ass and undies on display. He leaned back on the counter, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans, and pulled out his now rock hard cock. As I danced across the kitchen, I watched as he stroked it, his eyes never straying from my body.

It wasn’t long before I arched over the kitchen sink, and felt him come up behind me, his lips on my neck as his hands moved down my sides to settle at my hips. As his lips moved from my collarbone to my ear, he pulled me back against him, ensuring I could feel the hard length of him on my ass.

His hands roamed my body, from where my too large breasts were spilling out over the top to where the short skirt fell right below the cheeks of my ass. His fingers started working their way under the skirt and into my panties, and I turned in his arms, my hand reaching for him.

When his fingers reached my lips, I was already wet, and I started stroking him, long and slow. I watched as a drop of pre-cum settled onto his tip. Bending at the waist, keeping my ass in the air, I took him in my mouth and licked him clean.

On my pussy, his fingers started working faster and harder, and soon I couldn’t keep him in my mouth, my body convulsing too much to stay still.

I stood and turned, and standing in front of him dropped to my knees to take him in my mouth. Both his hands moved to my hair, and fingered their way to my scalp, rubbing and moving me where he wanted. While I licked him and took him as far back in my throat as I could, his hands hardened and moved from massaging into a tight grip, forcing my head and mouth back and forth on his cock.

We fell into a rhythm, and soon drool was leaking from my lips and spilling across my chest as I worked not to gag too much on his length. As his pace increased, my body started responding, but before I could cum from sucking his cock, he pulled me off, and looking down at me, his hand in my hair and my mouth open and wet from his cock, he told me I was such a good girl.

With a slight tug on my hair, M pulled me so I standing and as I reached up to kiss his mouth, he grabbed me by the waist and put me on the edge of the counter. Without hesitation, he reached underneath me and pulled my panties down to my knees, before stepping up and slipping his cock into my now soaking cunt.

Before long, I was suspended off the counter, M’s hands on my hips, thrusting me back and forth against him, my ankles on his shoulders, my elbows holding me up on the counter. Biting my lip, I tried to keep quiet as an orgasm rolled through me, making me push against him, wanting him to fuck me harder. When I came, I could hear the sound of the liquid falling onto the kitchen floor.

Helping me down, we moved to the living room, where I knelt down leaning my body on the back of the couch, and pushing my ass out, in what I hoped look like an invitation to come fuck me.

Apparently it worked. Sliding up on the couch behind me, M guided his cock to my pussy, and as he slowly pushed himself inside me, he fisted his right hand around my ponytail and twisted, pulling my head back and my back arch.

As our pace increased, his other hand slipped to my face and I pulled his middle finger into my mouth, sucking it between my lips as he started fucking me harder and harder.

My body started to spasm and cum dripped from between our bodies, but he didn’t let up or slow his pace. Instead he fucked me right through that orgasm, and another. By the time the next one came, I was panting and thrusting against him, him with one hand in my hair and the other hooked in my mouth.

The moment I told him I was going to cum again, he thrust once, twice, three times hard and long, and as my body started to convulse, he pulled out of my pussy, his hand dropping to his cock and stroked it while I squirted all around. My orgasm triggered his and within two more strokes, hot cum was jetting out of his cock, across my back, my ass, my legs, and my pretty little French maid costume.

As we cleaned up our mess and I got redressed for the day, I began to think how much fun cleaning the house is now going to be.

17 responses to “Afternoon Delight

  1. Gotta love it when those packages come to the door. It’s a sexual surprise you never saw cuming. 😉

  2. The only reason to wish for a real winter – a reason for SSir to stay home with me and “interrupt” my writing. Holy hell, this was hawt!

  3. Crazy hot! You received some fucking awesome packages that day.

  4. What a delight! I want to have such good reasons o clean my house!

  5. oh how this reminds me that I have an apron I procured about a year ago to wear sans everything but a pair of heels. Thanks for the very sexy reminder that I need to get things cooking in the kitchen. 😉

    • ‘Tis, I hope you’ve donned your apron! Once of recent deliveries was also a new sewing machine. I’ve been eyeing up apron patterns all week! xoxo

      • ughhhh, not yet. I need to send my child away for a weekend.

        I hope you share some of your sewing creations. There are some super cute and sexy apron patterns out there. 🙂


  6. I should also probably say thank you for a very pleasant time shared with you 😉

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