A Quick Dip: Erotica

“Come on, hon.” She walks towards the edge of the water, “I thought you wanted to go for a swim.”

Will follows and drops their towels at the water’s edge, watching Tess’s body move into the water, moon light reflecting off her curves. I’m one lucky bastard. 

He reaches Tess with a few quick strides and dives into the water. He surfaces with a splash, water flying in every direction. She shakes her head at him, loving how Will can be so carefree, how he can let go and act like a kid, relishing in the joys of life. Tess smiles to herself, and dives in, following her husband to where the water reaches her chest.

When she’s close enough, Will grabs her, pulling her to him. He runs his hands over her hips, down over the cheek of her ass, the roughness of his hands sending chills though her wet body. He settles it on her upper thigh, caressing her before he pulls her legs up, wrapping them around his waist.

“Hi,” she says, smiling at him.

“Hi,” he responds with a spontaneous grin. His hands now free, he moves them across her body, her flesh soft beneath his touch. His head dips towards hers, his lips grazing against hers, barely touching as his hands continue to explore.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he mumbles against her skin, his lips playing havoc with the skin of her collar bone. His tongue darts out, tasting the salty wetness of her skin. His teeth scrape against her flesh, leaving a trail of tiny bites and marks.

Tess moans in response, shifts her weight around him, giving him better access to her neck. His hands work her back as his lifts her partially out of the water. The top of her bikini falls at the same time his mouth lowers to her nipple, pulling it deep into his mouth.

Tess gasps, and starts to protest.

“Shh…” Will says around her nipple and his hands slip beneath the fabric of her bottom, his fingers grazing along her lips, and he can feel her moisture mixing with the water surrounding them.

Tess glances around and realizes they’re no longer in front of the resort. Will has moved them a few hundred yards down the coast and the beach in front of them is deserted. Smiling, she reaches between them, her hand slips beneath his waist band and wraps around his cock, rock hard against his body. Will groans against her breast, one hand with a firm grip on her ass, giving her a squeeze of approval as she starts to stroke him, her hand slipping over the tip of his cock. She dips her hand lower, cupping his balls in her palm, massaging them.

Will pulls the string at her right hip, and the bottom of Tess’s suit falls to one side, pinned between their bodies. Will moves her, raising his mouth from her breast to her lips, forcing her to let go of his cock when he pulls her tight against his chest. He holds her in place with one hand, while the other guides his cock to her pussy. He holds it there, rubbing his head against her clit, hard and exposed, until she’s grinding against him, her pussy greedy for his cock.

Will laughs against her mouth, her eagerness exciting him. Tess tries to move, slip down on his cock, but he holds her tight, teasing her, not allowing her the penetration she wants. Her nails dig into his shoulders and he nips at her lower lip in response. He lowers his cock, not to enter her, but to rub it along the length of her slit, up and back over and over again until she’s moving against him, keeping pace.

His free hand pulls her against him, but still he doesn’t enter her. He moves back to her clit, pushing his cock hard against her nub. Tess’s breathing changes and Will knows she’s about to cum.

“Cum baby, out here in the water for me,” he whispers against her ear before he lowers his head, his teeth against the sensitive skin at the side of her neck. His words push her over the edge and her climax rips from her body until she’s thrusting against the head of his cock.

He can feel her muscles clamping and spasming and he can’t hold back any longer. He thrusts deep inside her and the warmth of her pussy overwhelms him. Both of his hands grip her hips and he moves her up and down his cock, pounding into her.

Another orgasm starts to build and Tess arches back as it racks through her body. The water holds her boyant, floating and Will continues to move her, making her fuck him harder than she’d be able to do on her own. Her pussy works his cock, squeezing him tight, and Will takes her nipple between his teeth. He bites down, hard, at the same time his balls tightening, pulling against his body.

His hands tightens, his fingers digging into her skin, as he forces her to move harder and harder against him, going so deep he can feel the tip of his cock hitting her cervix. Within moments, his orgasms hits, cum jetting from his cock deep into her cunt.

His pace slows, making her movements more shallow, until they both still, arms wrapped around each other’s waist, lips searching for the other’s, as the waves and water lap agains them.

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  1. Enjoyed this quick dip. Very sexy and thrilling. Lovely combination for me.

    • Thanks Cara! It’s part of a novel I wrote awhile back. I’m taking most of the sex out of it, giving it more plot. I figured I may as well share it here, no use letting it go to waste. I’ll probably have a few more scenes up here by the time I’m done.
      So glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Mmmmmmm! I would love to go for a swim today! 🙂
    Good job!


  3. I have always fantasized about this, so this post was soooo hot!

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