40 Happinesses: A Meme

Anissa at 10 years in, who seems to have disappeared from the blogging world, posted this damn near a year ago, but I stumbled across it in my drafts, and thought I’d do it. Why the fuck not, right? The theme, pretty self-explanatory, is to name 40 things that bring you happiness…

  1. The kiddos laughter, when it’s gut-wrenching and uncontrollable
  2. A bed time without tears
  3. Completing a project, whether it be big or small
  4. Comments and blog awards
  5. M rubbing my back at night before bed
  6. A great Captain and Coke
  7. A night out with friends
  8. A good book
  9. Catching a great song on the radio
  10. Letters that come in the mail
  11. The feeling after completing a workout you never thought you could do
  12. Noticing you need a belt to keep your pants up
  13. When you take the pie out of the oven and realize it’s not burnt. Or runny
  14. The smell of a library
  15. And a hardware store
  16. Acknowledgement for a job well done
  17. A phone call from an old friend
  18. A home-made milkshake
  19. Spontaneous hugs
  20. Spontaneous orgasms
  21. Finding your favorite movie on tv and realizing you haven’t missed more than 10 minutes
  22. The first nice day of Spring
  23. The feel of the air at the beginning of Fall
  24. Catching snow flakes on your tongue
  25. A hot bath
  26. The sound of the ocean
  27. Clean, crisp sheets
  28. Leaving the windows open at night
  29. Sleeping under the stars
  30. Being in the woods
  31. Nature walks
  32. Seeing the look in someone’s eyes when they finally “get” something they’ve been struggling to understand
  33. Seeing your favorite band in concert
  34. Running into old friends in surprising places
  35. The relief of hearing your baby’s first cry
  36. Morning sex
  37. Date nights
  38. M’s body wrapped around mine as I drift off to sleep
  39. The “Mommy, I love you”s
  40. The “That’s a good little slut”s


4 responses to “40 Happinesses: A Meme

  1. I liked reading her blog a lot. Nice theme.

  2. You ended the top 40 with a great one!
    I don’t know why but when I run into someone I used to know, I try to avoid them like the bubonic plague. But that may be because I don’t like people too much. I think I need therapy, LOL.

    • Kitty, we ALL need therapy! And I tend to avoid people from the past, but there are those moments I run into people where I least expect it. Like one time, I was waiting to get into a NIN concert and hear someone calling my name. I turn around, and there is a boy that was my best friend from junior high. Hadn’t seen him in years. Those are the moments I was talking about. *hugs and kisses*

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