12/12 Challenge: What the fuck week is this?

Honestly, I’ve got no fucking clue. The 12/12 Challenge from Panty Parade has, unfortunately, fallen off my radar. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to be visible anytime soon. Hell, in the next 3 weeks, I’ve got a family reunion, a 31 Party at my house, and a bridal shower at the end of the month that still needs planned. And did I mention that ef is giving double points this week (that’s 20 bucks y’all) for all toy reviews.

Silly me, thinking summers are relaxing.

Anyway, I’m not giving up. Although I’m behind, and I don’t even know how far behind at this point, I’m hoping to still reach some of my goals. Not sure what those ones are just yet, but we’ll see.

And stop over on over and throw some support at Cara and G, my partners in crime. Here’s to hoping they’re on better track than me!

14 responses to “12/12 Challenge: What the fuck week is this?

  1. It’s okay. I’m not doing much better really. Hang in there, love. 🙂

  2. I just love your title – that’s what I’d be saying on week 2 if I did that so you’re ALL good in my book!!!

  3. Do whatchoo gotta do, girl. I just love that you’re back. I can’t say that enough! xx Hy

  4. You can dooooo eeet!

    /lick /slurp

  5. Haha!! I just got a little thrill thinking about getting paid to use a toy…Do what you want! I see you’ve already gained a lot by participating. As long as you won’t feel bad about it if you stop doing it, be done!
    But if you want to stay in the challenge, I think what you have to do is post a piece of writing advice on PP’s blog. If you’d rather just hop on over to my week six post and answer my questions, I sure wouldn’t mind.

    • I’ll be there, I’ve got it saved in my emails! And it is what it is. I start lots of things, and finish a few. A bad habit, for sure, but well ingrained. I’m writing more, that’s what’s important, right? *hugs and kisses* and thanks for the support. And christ, is it Friday yet? I think boobies would make me feel better!

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